Omar Cornut homepage

Hi, I am Omar Cornut (Aymar Cornut)
Game developer / programmer
(As you can see I am clearly not a web designer)

~ from Paris ~

Founded Disco Hello (Paris, France).

Still working on Dear ImGui.
Launched Dear ImGui Test Engine.

~ from Paris ~

Working on Dear ImGui,
a technical UI middleware for game developers.

Used by many games and apps.

Nominated: CEDEC 2019 Engineering Awards

"imgui revolutionised our game development, i cannot imagine making tools without it. from tiny test projects to a large console game, it's utterly dependable and delightful to use. its simple & deep, a rare combination."
-Alex Evans (Media Molecule)

"Dear ImGui is stunning. I don't know how I lasted so long without ever knowing about this. I've removed all my old debugging GUI code and replaced it with this."
-Ron Gilbert (Terrible Toybox)

"Imgui is a small, well written immediate mode GUI that allowed me to build and very quickly iterate on my gpuvis tool features. Its portability also allowed me to easily get it running on Mac, Windows, and Linux. I really enjoy working with Omar and sincerely hope I never have to work with large bloated UI toolkits ever again. Love Imgui!"
-Michael Sartain (Valve Software)

"Dear ImGui packing so much power into such a straightforward interface makes me wonder why every other GUI package is so hard to use. Dear ImGui makes writing clean UI look easy. [...] The least annoying middleware I’ve ever used!"
-Elan Ruskin (Insomniac Games)

"Dear ImGui is amazing. It's pretty much the only sizable library written by someone else that I've ever enjoyed using."
-Shawn McGrath (RAD Game Tools)

~ from Paris ~

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (April 18th, 2017)
For Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Windows/Mac/Linux, Mobiles.

Won "Apple TV Game of the Year"

Co-founded Lizardcube

Jams and silly things

~ from London ~
Dear ImGui (all platforms)
ImGui is a bloat-free graphical user interface library for C++ aimed at very easily creating debug and content-creation tools for games.

It outputs vertex buffers that you can render in your 3D-pipeline enabled application. It is portable, renderer agnostic and carries minimal amount of dependencies. It is based on an "immediate" graphical user interface paradigm which allows you to build simple user interfaces with ease.


~ from London/Montpellier ~
WiLD (PS4)
Part-time freelancing with Wild Sheep Studio.

PGW 2015

Announce trailer

~ from Guildford ~
Dreams (PS4)
Media Molecule

A magical creative thing.

E3 2015 Introduction and teaser

PGW 2015

~ from Guildford ~
Tearaway (PS Vita)
Media Molecule
November 22, 2013

A cheerful, crafty, deceptive game,
About you and they,
In a papercraft world.

Available on Playstation Store.
And pretty much most retailers (e.g.: Amazon).

Won "Artistic Achievement"
Won "Family"
Won "Mobile & Handheld"
Nominated for "Best Game"
Nominated for "British Game"
Nominated for "Game Design"
Nominated for "Game Innovation"
Nominated for "Music"
 at British Academy Games Awards 2014

Nominated for "Innovation Award"
Nominated for "Best Audio"
Nominated for "Best Handheld/Mobile Game"
Nominated for "Best Technology"
Nominated for "Best Visual Art"
 at Game Developers Choice Awards 2013

Nominated for "Outstanding Innovation in Gaming"
Nominated for "Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction"
Nominated for "Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction"
Nominated for "Handheld Game of the Year"
Nominated for "Adventure Game of the Year"
 at DICE 17th Annual Awards

Nominated for "New Games IP"
Nominated for "Visual Arts",
Nominated for "Audio Accomplishment",
 at Develop Awards 2014

Won "Excellence in Design & Direction"
 at 2014 SXSW Gaming Awards

more .. more .. more

Launch Trailer

Gamescom 2013 Trailer

~ from Kyoto ~
PixelJunk Shooter 2 (PS3/PS4/Vita)
March 1st, 2011

Wet fluid action rescuing game,
With new ideas and more bullets.
And online play.

Available on PlayStation Store.

~ from Kyoto ~
PixelJunk 4am (was: Pixeljunk lifelike) (PS3)
May 15, 2012

Interactive something,

Available on PlayStation Store.

I worked with Baiyon on the initial concept prototyping during the first year of development.

Nice video from final product 1, 2

Nominated for "Excellence in Audio"
 at 15th Independant Games Festival
(not that I had anything to do with that)

~ from Kyoto ~
PixelJunk Shooter (PS3/PS4/Vita/PC)
December 10, 2009

Multiuser fluid action,
High-resolution modern retro gaming.

Available on Playstation Store (PS3, PS4, Vita).
Available on STEAM (Windows,Mac,Linux).

Nominated for "Best Gameplay"
 at British Academy Games Awards 2010

Nominated for "Best Downloadable Game"
 at Game Developers Choice Awards 2010

~ from transit ~
Awatama (あわたま) (Nintendo DS)
July 16, 2009 (Japan)

Awatama is the localized version of Soul Bubbles for Japan. The original psychopomp has been kidnapped and replaced with a character deemed more socially acceptable. It also includes a handful of gameplay tweaks and multiple save-slots!

Available at game retailers (NDS).

~ from Paris ~
Soul Bubbles (Nintendo DS)
June 13, 2008 (Europe) / July 1, 2008 (USA)

Won "Game of the Year"
Won "Best Handheld Game"
 at Milthons Awards 2008 (France)

Nominated for "Best Handheld Game"
 at British Academy Games Awards 2009

Nominated for "Best Debut"
 at Game Developers Choice Awards 2009

Some interesting articles/discussions on the game,

- BulletMagnet talks about Soul Bubbles and how it made him remember his childhood: Soul Bubbles, Mickey Mouse, and The Journey of the Self.

- Dan Cook on the state of game reviews circa 2008: Soul Bubbles: A classic game ill treated by expert reviewers.

- Hamish's amusing, critical and complimentary analysis on action button: Soul Bubbles (**).

"The purest gaming experience we've had for a long while. (...) It's beautiful, it's elegant, it's clever - if you don't like this game, you're dead inside. (...) Our favourite DS game of the year."
- Nintendo Official magazine / Review [Link]
"Soul Bubbles has a compulsive quality to it – no doubt exacerbated by its gorgeous aesthetic design and beautiful ambient score. (…) Mekensleep may well have hit upon the DS’s very own answer to LocoRoco."
- Edge magazine / Preview
"Soul Bubbles is perfect for the DS and has a great sense of style, humour and accessibility for all gamers. This could definitely be a cult hit. (…) gorgeous graphics and a definite ‘aww’ factor."
- Gamesmaster magazine / Preview
"Impressive (...) This is a great idea done very well – the controls are well-realised, the puzzles fiendish and the whole greatly entertaining to play (...) This looks very good for the DS, with greatly entertaining bubble physics and a lovely, earthy colour palette"
- IGN UK / Review [Link]
"The level design and general polish is up there with Nintendo’s own products. (…) The art style is highly seductive. (…) Bitter experience often stops us from making early recommendations when it comes to third-party DS games, but with Soul Bubbles we have no hesitation"
- Games TM / Preview
"Look incredible, it has a personality (...) It even has physics that defy what we’ve come to expect from Nintendo’s handheld"
- nRevolution magazine / Review: 9/10
Mask Trailers


~ from California ~
Retro Atari Classics (Nintendo DS)
aka Atari Mix 10 Happy Games in Japan.
March 11, 2005

~ from the living room ~

Sega 8-bit emulator and debugging/hacking suite.

In spite of its old age and now clunky technology, MEKA is probably the most exhaustive Sega 8-bit emulator in term of coverage of obscure games, peripherals, as well as featuring a suite of debugging and reverse engineering tools. It is still maintained for those purpose but doesn't has much use anymore for the average player.

MEKA was mostly popular in the years 1999-2001, partly along with the emulation boom and my dumping work on the SMS Power! website, partly because it was one of the earliest emulator to provide a full-fledged cared-for user experience in addition to exhaustive emulation accuracy.

Other projects & Old stuff

SMS Power!, 1997-Current
Sega 8-bit preservation, research and fanaticism.
A community of technicians, historians and gamers.

KunKun & KokoKun 2 - Return of the Kun
Sega Master System game, 2009

KunKun & KokoKun
Sega Master System game, 2006

Lady Marguerite
PC audio-synched shooting game prototype, 2003

Space Tapper
Game Boy Advance space bartending game, 2002

L'Affaire Goldorak
A satirical forum, in french, 1997-1998 (from 2020) (until 2020)

Universal Rom Launcher (URL)
Multi purpose frontend for MS-DOS, 1997


~ from Paris ~
Evil Twin (Dreamcast, PS2, PC)
In Utero

I did 8 months worth of cumulated internship at In Utero starting from 1999 (barely legal). They had passed a job advert in a magazine and because I worked with said magazine I contacted In Utero weeks before the ad publication. They probably thought I was the only applicant!

I did variety of coding stuff there, cinematic authoring tools, sound integration tools, localization, scene merging tools, toying with character controls early on (before they ditched visual editing in favor of code, regaining some sanity), etc.

I also designed and programmed 4 mini-games to run on the Sega Visual Memory Unit, the fancy memory card with a screen that beeped everytime you booted your Dreamcast (Read more).

PR shot:

Contact: omar AT this domain name